Relations based on the principle of humanity, mutual respect and responsibility

--- Fulfilling students' academic ambitions.

Prva gimnazija Maribor

... a state general upper-secondary school.

Prva gimnazija Maribor
Trg generala Maistra 1
2000 Maribor
Tel.: ++386-2-2285300
Headmaster: Mr Herman Pušnik

Prva gimnazija Maribor is a state general upper-secondary school (i.e. grammar school) for 15- to 19-year-old students. Its tradition goes back to 1850. We strive to encourage our students to acquire broad knowledge, boost their creativity and critical skills, and to develop relations based on the principle of humanity, mutual respect and responsibility. Our motto is Per aspera ad astra (Through hardships through the stars).

Two programmes: "gimnazija" and classical "gimnazija"

Students can enrol in two programmes: "gimnazija" and classical "gimnazija". Currently we have around 800 students in attendance. We offer a wide range of foreign language courses (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, as well as Latin and Old Greek for classical gimnazija students) and elective subjects for the state school-leaving exam ("matura").

Developing students' strengths in various fields

Teaching and learning does not happen only in the classroom as we also organize cross-curricular excursions, field work and project work. ICT plays an important role in learning and teaching, thus we are well-equipped with computers and tablets. There are a lot of extra-curricular activities to choose from to cater to a variety of students' needs, which will help them develop their strengths in various fields. Students can fulfil their academic ambitions, with the help of mentors in and outside school, in a number of clubs or prepare for various competitions, contests and research projects. We are proud of the Drama School, arts workshops and the exhibition areas, students’ magazines in Slovenian and foreign languages, as well as our two choirs and several bands.

Every student is important

We nurture charity work and provide additional care for different kinds of special needs. Gifted and talented students are offered individualised programmes and support, which ensures their talents and abilities are challenged to match their strengths.

National and international projects

Our students and teachers have taken part in a number of national and international projects, such as the e-School Bag, eTwinning, Erasmus+, IAAC etc. We have established cooperation and/or exchanges with secondary schools from Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Spain, Croatia, Serbia and others.